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The division of assets can be a very difficult part of the divorce process. Both husbands and wives want to keep what they believe is rightfully theirs. Divorcing couples often do not agree on who will get the house, the car, or the retirement account. If you are facing divorce in the Duval County, Attorney Leonard can aggressively represent your best interests and your rights regarding community property and asset division.

To help ensure that you secure the best settlement and division possible, talk with experienced property division attorney Leonard. Our firm and attorney have helped divorcing couples in Duval County with their property division negotiations or disputes.

How We Help With the Division of Assets

Attorney Leonard has extensive experience dividing complex estates in divorce proceedings. We analyze assets and identifies whether the property is separate or community property, which depends on when and how the property was acquired. Everything from retirement benefits and stock options to bank accounts and homes is considered. We can also handle reimbursement claims and 2640 claims to protect your rights and help you get money for the separate property.

Our property division services usually focus on larger, more complex estates, in which the skill of a knowledgeable attorney is needed to negotiate or litigate a positive agreement. You can avoid the cost of hiring a lawyer just to divide your small personal property items (i.e., pots and pans), and we recommend that you attend binding arbitration, which is a free service offered through the Family Court.

Helping People Resolve Property Division Disputes

If the opposing side will not agree to a reasonable settlement in your property division matter, it will be necessary to involve the court through several conferences and a possible trial. The first conference you will most likely go to is a Settlement Officer Conference which involves the court’s Settlement Officer. If the matter still does not settle, the case will then be set on the Judge’s Mandatory Settlement Conference and Trial calendar for final resolution.

In all family law and divorce matters, we believe that settling outside of court is often in our clients’ best interests. When possible, we can help you come to an agreement on property division issues through mediation and negotiation. These options can help you save time, money, and a stressful trial, but our firm are ready to take any case to court if the situation requires it.